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Name:13th Colony
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If you have any questions, suggestions, or requests, please e-mail the community moderators, thepouncer or SerialKarma. Please include "13th Colony" in subject line, thanks!

All content in this community should be considered copyrighted by the individual community members, and as such any/all unauthorized duplication or publication without their consent is prohibited.

This community exists to discuss the new Battlestar Galacticaas the episodes are aired on the Sci-Fi Channel in the US and on Space in Canada. We wanted a place for reviews, commentary, and analysis that wouldn’t leave us open to spoilers for upcoming episodes.

Read our introductory post.

Community Rules:

1. No spoilers. Period. Once an episode has aired on the Sci-Fi Channel, we ask that you use an LJ Cut to conceal spoilers for seven days, to allow people who may not have seen the original airing time to catch up.

Addendum: This is the number one rule, and one we intend to enforce. Posts that violate the No Spoiler policy will be summarily deleted, and the poster will receive a warning. If the poster violates the policy a second time, they will be banned. This is a simple rule, folks, and in a no spoiler community it's only good manners. If you're able to read and write posts, you're able to understand the rules.

2. This is a discussion, NOT a fiction or icon community. Please take posts related to fiction or icons to other venues (see below). On a related note, please don’t ask for sources for episodes here – there are other communities that will be glad to help you out and BSG is available for legal download from iTunes - it takes about 24 hours for a new episode to be posted.

3. Please respect all varieties of fans, including those who want to see heterosexual or homosexual subtext. Anyone who makes posts insulting, degrading or attacking someone else will be banned.

In addition, we’d like to remind you that this show is fictional, and real world comparisons might or might not be applicable. We have no problems with people who want to analyze the show by means of real world comparisons, but please recognize that this represents opinion, not fact, and respect those who respond with other points of view.

Honest mistakes are understandable, but there are limits and we don't hesitate to ban around here if we feel the situation is warranted.

Links Of Interest:

*SciFi Channel's official BSG website
*The iTunes video store, where BSG episodes are available for dowload
*IMDB's page about the BSG2003 miniseries
*IMDB's page about the new BSG television series
*Gateworld's new BSG site with character profiles, episode guides, and photo gallery.
*galacticanews, the terrific fannish newsletter collecting links to posts of interests across LJ
*GalacticaFics, an automated self-submit fanfiction archive, accepting all ratings and genres of BSG2003 fanfiction
*, the archive of BSG2003 fanfiction (maintained by one lone archivist!) associated with the Battlestar Galactica Writers Squadron mailing list
*The BSG2003 fandom overview page at the Directorium, the marvelous fannish Wiki site
*bsg2003chatter, a LJ community for discussion of the show, including spoilers
*bsg2003fics, a LJ community accepting all types of BSG-related fiction
*beyond_insane, a LJ community for fans of the Starbuck/Apollo relationship
*adama_roslin, aka Survival Instinct, a LJ community for fans of the Commander Adama & President Roslin relationship
*laura_lee_bsg, a community for those who think the President and her favorite pilot are more than just friends
*captainapollo, a LJ community for fans of Lee Adama to gather
*bsg_slash, the Battlestar Galactica slash fic and chat community on LJ
*bstg_icontest, an icon challenges community for the new BSG series
*galactica_icons, an icon community for fans of any BSG series
*galactica_vids, a fan-made music video community for the new miniseries and television series
*shagthecag, a community devoting to getting Apollo laid
*bsg1000, a 1000 word weekly Battlestar Galactica Challenge community on LJ
*bsg_canon, devoted to answering arcane questions of the universe for fanfiction writers
*_daysoftrial_, a BSG2003 LJ roleplaying game
*A helpful post of other BSG2003 links from the bsg2003chatter community

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